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Thursday, July 13, 2006

NCRF facilitates an e-Readiness Course on 17-21 July 2006

The NCRF will be hosting an e-Readiness training course on 17-21 July 2006. The course jointly delivered by the NCRF and CECS will be facilitated by Danny Moalosi and Arnold Pietersen. The e-Readiness project is a result of a research conducted with support from the Media Development & Diversity Agency (MDDA) and the MAPPP-SETA.

Fifteen partcipants from community radio stations will gather at the NCRF National Office in Johannesburg next week to engage in the e-Readiness state of the sector. More female participants have been prioritised in this course, with the aim to improve the level of technical capacity of women at community radio stations.

For more information on this course, contact the NCRF Projects Officer - Danny Moalosi on