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Community Airwaves is an on-line newsletter that aims to provide a communication and knowledge-sharing platform to community radio stakeholders in South Africa. The platform will provide information to its recipients timeously, allow exchange of ideas and advice between and amongst members and associates, promote networking and partnership development. For more information e-mail:

Friday, May 12, 2006


This is the new NCRF newsletter, called Community Airwaves. The idea of an on-line newsletter comes after a number of requests for the NCRF to produce some sort of communication platform that will allow community radio stakeholders to share information and exchange knowledge. Between 2001 and 2002, the NCRF published a monthly newsletter called the NCRF Notice Board. Apart from the name not appealing to the targeted readers, there was also lack of involvement from the readers themselves. The non-participation was mainly because the newsletter then was only produced in hard copy and not all members and stakeholders would get a copy to read… never mind send contributions.

As mentioned, the NCRF Notice Board was a hardcopy newsletter that gets sent to all NCRF members through the post. This distribution method had challenges when it came to ensuring that all employees and volunteers at stations get a copy. Another challenge was the frequent changes on the station contacts.
Now, introducing the on-line newsletter is based on the fact that anyone interested in receiving the newsletter can do so through his or her own e-mail address. A hardcopy version will also be faxed to stations without an e-mail address.


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