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Friday, May 12, 2006

Community Radio and the 2006 Local Elections

Once more community radio is in the mix with the “Power of X”. The Independent Electoral Commission (IEC) slogan for the 2006 local elections lingered on both print and electronic media for the past local elections. Community radio has not neglected its role on this citizen education campaign.
After a meeting between the NCRF and the IEC early this year, over 85 community radio stations participated in encouraging communities to participate in the 2006 local elections on March 1st. Participating community radio stations conducted interviews with Provincial Electoral Officers, different political parties and community members at large.

With raising concerns over government service delivery in other communities, it is imperative that the sector does not forget its major role in creating a platform for communities to participate in their own development.

Organisations like ICASA and the EISA (an organisation that stands for promotion of credible elections and democratic governance in Africa) also supported proper media coverage of the elections. ICASA is mandated to monitor broadcasters’ election coverage during the election period. During the election period, the ICASA Monitoring and Complaints Unit was available for advice to broadcasters on what is expected of them during this period.

EISA in partnership with OSF-SA conducted local government elections related workshops for civil society organisations and media institutions. The workshops were aimed at providing a platform for civil society organisations to reflect on the new system of local government in South Africa since its inception after the 2000 local government elections.

RESOURCE:ICASA Monitoring & Complaints Unit – or tel: 011 321 8442
EISA – or tel: 011 482 5495


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